Hamsa & Protective Eye Sterling Silver Earrings

Hamsa & Protective Eye Sterling Silver  Earrings
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Product Description

The symbol of the palm of an open hand has had several names throughout the ages, including the Hamsa, the eye of Fatima, and the hand of Miriam. The form also has the second thumb replacing the little finger. The Hamsa has been interpreted by scholars as a Jewish, Christian, or Islamic amulet. The Turkish Evil Eye symbol is believed to provide a shield from the forces of evil and deflects the negative energy

The symbol of the protective eye is regarded as a potent amulet for protection against evil forces in almost every culture of the world.

The Sterling Silver Hamsa with Protective Eye both delicately dangle from a twisted ring, on Sterling Silver ear wires, dangle about 1-1/4" long.

Beautifully gift packaged in a drawstring bag with story card.